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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Wall Says It All

Awhile back I saw a very cute poem on Pinterest that I wanted to use in Olivia's bedroom. I decieded to put the poem on a picture frame instead of stickers on the wall for two reasons. One, we are renting our house here since we still own one in Utah and I don't want to put stickers on a wall and then move in a year or two and then I have to take the stickers down and they would be worthless. And two, I don't have a sticker maker (YET!!) so i figured it would be cheaper to make it on a picture frame.

Ok so first you will need:
-A picture frame: I got mine for 5 bucks at Walmart
-Alphabet stickers: I also got mine at Walmart *I would recommend going to Michael's for the stickers because they have a bigger selection and will be cheaper. I had to buy 4 packets of stickers because there were certain letters that I needed more of and each pack only had 1 maybe 2 of each lowercase letter.
-Any other stickers you want to use. * I used some butterflies because my daughter's room has a butterfly theme. 
-Hot glue gun to keep the glass in place in the frame

I cut out each individual letter and placed it on the frame as seen below so that way you can see your placement ahead of time before actually sticking them to the glass.

After you stick the letters to the frame, flip the frame over and put glue using the glue gun on each of the four corners to hold the glass in place.

I hung it up like so! 

 This is an extremely easy craft to do and the longest part is putting the stickers on the glass. Super fun and you can do it for any room!

Happy Crafting!

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