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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

AWB Secret Santa Ornament Exchange

Back this past summer I found out about Arkansas Women Bloggers and was so excited to find a site that is local to my state! Well we had an Ornament swap earlier this month and it was so much fun! I love to craft and this is my first time trying an ornament craft. 
I thought about doing the craft with a plastic ornament but I was worried that the decorations wouldn't stick as good as a glass ornament.
I got an idea for my first ornament from Michaels Projects section. Thankfully Michaels organizes their crafts into how long it will take (ie how crafty you need to be!). The details for this ornament are included in the link above but it mainly consists of double stick tape, silver glitter, a decoration adorned to it and add a bow at the end.

My second ornament was a blend of ideas that I have seen over the internet. A friend had completely handpainted her ornament red and then painted the santa belt. I had also seen the pinterest idea of putting rolled up red paper in the ornament and then painting the belt around the ornament. All I could think about is me not being able to keep the belt straight the whole way around so I figured that the double stick tape I used with the first ornament would work perfectly.

Having never made ornaments I give myself an A- (or maybe a B+) and it was so much fun that I am making more ornaments for our own tree at home with my 8 year old.

I received the cutest ornaments in the mail earlier this week from Jodi at The Coffee House Life and they are absolutely beautiful on my tree. 
 I have seen these before on Pinterest and so glad to have them on my tree! I also received a sweet note with my ornaments and bless her heart she has 3 little girls (5,3,1) and still was able to craft these up! I thought I had it rough with a rambunctious one year old! I love that my angle one had the word hope on it because there are some days in life where you need a little hope and this angel reminds of it. 

Thanks again so much Jodi and Arkansas Women Bloggers for this fun time!

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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Latest Comestic Surgery Fad

Ok ladies we all have that one pair of shoes we just know the ones that go with any outfit, that fit our feet just right or that show off our legs when we wear them with a skirt or dress.
Then there is that pair of shoes that you have that no matter how many times you wear them by the end of the night your feet are blistered or your toes hurt from being crammed in the dang shoes. Well apparently there is a new and "upcoming" surgery to fix all that....

I was listening to the radio on the way home from work the other day when the radio host mentioned this and I couldn't belive what I was hearing. It is called stiletto surgery. This surgery is done to remove your PINKY TOE so that way you can fit your feet into your stillettos better!!!! SERIOUSLY?!?!?!?!?!
Who does that!!! And to top it off it is apparently one of the hottest growing cosmetic surgery trends! For the life of me I can't understand how wearing a dumb pair of heels is worth cutting off one of your toes! Has society gotten that materialistic that we will do ANYTHING to make ourselves look good? Trust me I am not above putting on a good pair of flats and calling it a day.
Besides I know my husband would think I have lost my mind if I were to seriously ask him about getting that surgery. Not only that but could you imagine that if you were single and had that done how many guys might think you are just a little too weird because you have 8 toes....I know I would!
And lastly here is the thing that is the most scary to me...if this is one of the hottest new trends what is next!?
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Thursday, December 6, 2012

A Whole New Christmas

I am a creature of habit. I live by routine and joining the military only furthered that need for habit even more. I get ready for work the same way everyday, get the kids up the same way so when something throws a wrench in my plans I usually just have to take a step back and breath. 
Well this Christmas a HUGE wrench in the decorating was thrown my way. Since I am in our new house (which I LOVE) I have had to sell some furniture and buy some new furniture to accommodate the new layout of this house. No biggie right?...well like I said creature of habit. So suddenly with the new layout of the house and how we arranged the living room furniture there isn't room for the tree in there. So taking my husband's suggestion I put it in our breakfast area of the kitchen. 

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