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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Happy Helpers!!

If your kids are anything like my 7 year old it can be like pulling teeth to get them to help you clean up the house. Well worry no more!

This past weekend Taylor told me that she wanted to get an allowance like her other friends. Well I told her that she had to do chores around the house to EARN an allowance. Of course she gave me "the look" and then it changed when I told her we could make a fun craft to use for her chores. Alas the Chore Bucket was born!

It is super easy to make and your kids can pretty much do it all too!

You will need :
a bucket (Home Depot has a 2.5 qt metal bucket for like 3.50)
letter stickers for the front of the bucket (3.00 at Walmart)
clothes pins ( a few bucks for a 50 pack)

Take the letter stickers and use them to write on the bucket. My child's says "Taylor's Chore Bucket." Use the markers to write on each clothes pin the chore. Once all the chores are done you can clip them around the rim of the bucket.

Super easy right?!?!

Happy Crafting!

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