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Friday, January 27, 2012

My Not So Fun Week

Yes that's right this week has been pretty stressful! Ever have a week that you wish would just hurry up and go over with and hope the next week is a million times better? Me too!
So my three month old Olivia woke up on Saturday last weekend with a bit of a cough. Not really any other symptoms going on so I thought ok I'll just watch and see how she does. Well by Sunday night she was running a slight fever and the cough was getting worse. 
Off to the doctor I went on Monday. Diagnosis: Bronchiolitis. Fun..NOT! So no daycare and I had to stay home from work. Follow up appointment on Wednesday.
On Wednesday my week got even better (insert sarcastic look here). Diagnosis: Double Ear Infection.
I felt just awful for Olivia and thankfully the meds are working for her ear infection. If you would see her in person you would never know that she is this sick until you hear her cough. She still giggles and smiles and is playful. Expect maybe for a little bit in the evenings when the fever will creep back up.
Well back for another followup today. Official diagnosis: RSV. I have to be honest and say I wasn't totally surprised. After the Bronchiolitis diagnosis I did some online research and RSV and Bronchiolitis are quite similar so I was prepared to hear it at the appointment today. However that doesn't make it any better!
So we have to continue the antibiotics for the ears and the inhaler treatments for the cough and hope that she gets better over the weekend! 
The one bright ray of light is that Daddy gets home from deployment in two days! Help is on the way!

Here's to hoping everyone has a great weekend!
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