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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Stuffed Peppers!!

One of my most favorite things to do is try new recipes. Now that I have two kids at home a quick but good recipe is always a plus. So I went to my favorite website and looked at some of the stuffed pepper recipes. I found an awesome one too!
The only change that I think I will do next time is also add some italian seasoning to the beef/rice mixture that goes into the stuffed peppers because it was really tasty mixed with the tomato sauce on top.
So here is the direct link for the Stuffed Peppers recipe because if you are half as busy as I am then this recipe will be perfect to make

So this isn't the picture of my peppers because we were in so hungry that I didn't have a chance to take one but this is pretty much what they looked like! Some cheese on top sounds good too!

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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Whatcha Wanna Know?

So I finally have a minute of peace in my house and I thought if I am going to do this blogging thing seriously I should write a little more.
For those who don't know me I will fill you in a little. I am first and foremost a mother of two beautiful girls; Olivia, 1 month and Taylor, 7 years. Yes that is quite a gap but let me be the first to tell you my oldest has been quite the little helper. I am married to a wonderful man for the last 7 and a half years. They complete my life and I couldn't even imagine it any other way. I know it sounds cheesy and like a line out of a movie or a book but that is the truth!
My house is never quiet I will tell you that much. Between Taylor being the chatty diva that she is and Olivia is a newborn so of course there are times when she is not wanting to sleep or just making her cooing noises it sure is a welcome in my house when I have a moment of peace. It is amazing how many things you forgot when you have your kids so far apart. I really felt like a new mom all over again when Olivia was born! It has slowly come back to me now that she is a month old but I definitely felt the first time jitters for a few weeks. 
You may be wondering why I chose the title for my blog and how it relates to my life. Obviously I have already said I am a mom but the first part relates to my job. I am currently on active duty in the Air Force and thought it was a fitting part of the title. I have been in the military now for a little over 10 years as a meteorologist. <<Insert witty comments here>> yes I know that we aren't always right with our forecasts and no we don't know the weather in some random place you ask me....sorry my magic 8 ball isn't that advanced yet. :) I love my job in the fact that there are many places that I am able to be stationed at and there are many aspects to my job that it never really is boring. My husband Justin is also in the military and so being a dual military couple leads for an interesting life. He was just recently retrained to be a mechanic on C130s and was previously an F16 mechanic. 
So I think that is all for now about myself! I am here to share my endless supply of knowledge! Happy blogging!
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So this whole blog thing isn't really new to me as I have had a blog in the past (and still do...sort of). Rather this blog has a different meaning to me than my other one. I tailored my other one for my family to read about us since being in the military we don't really live near any family. I didn't have that many posts on it and I think because I talked with my family over the phone so much I felt that posting on the blog was just reiterating what I already told them. With this blog I am more for using it to talk about crafting ideas, foods I love to make (and eat!), and anything else I may think, see, read about that I find interesting to share with others as well as the ins and outs of motherhood. For anyone who knows me personally knows I am not one of few words. My job requires me to be able to articulate exactly what I am thinking and lots of the time to think and speak on my toes so blogging is a perfect outlet for outside of work to continue to perfect my craft!

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