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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Easy Teacher Apple Book Bag

It's getting to be that time of is almost out and summer is just around the corner. Well what a better way to thank your child's teacher for helping them learn all year than to get them a cute gift!
A bag for a teacher is a must have! They have books and papers and all sort of things to carry to and from what better gift to give them than a new bag!
Luckily when I was out shopping at Walmart the other day they had canvas bags on sale! I got one for 3 bucks! The paint cost like 3 bucks per color so it was all pretty cheap!
You can decorate the bag however you want and I decided to do apples because apples seem to be synonymous with teachers.
 I washed the bag first as most bags will say on the directions and then I tried to iron out as many wrinkles as I could.

 Then I cut an apple in half and used a paper towel to dry it out as much as I could so the paint would stay on the apple.

I then took the apple and dipped it in the paint and applied it to the bag.

I did red on one side and then green on the other and put the teacher's name in writing at the top.
The paint takes about 4 hours to dry.

These are super easy to make and teachers love them!!

 On a completely different subject these little mesh snackers are AWESOME! I don't remember these when my oldest was a baby but Olivia sure likes them!

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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Healthy Turkey Goulash

One of my favorite recipes to make from the Eating for Like Cookbook is the American Turkey Goulash. It is real easy to make like most recipes in there and it tastes amazing! I was a little hesitant at first because I am not a fan of zucchini BUT in this recipe I actually love it!

So here's what you do~

1lb ground turkey
2 cups of tomato sauce (I use one 15 oz can)
1 zucchini, sliced
1 red bell pepper, sliced
1 onion, chopped
2 tbsp fresh basil 
2 tbsp fresh red wine (optional)
8 oz egg noodles

1. Cook the egg noodles according to directions on package
2. Lightly coat a skillet with cooking spray and saute onions for 2 minutes
3. Add the red bell peppers and saute for another 2 minutes
4. Add zucchini and saute for another 2 minutes
5. Remove veggies and set aside
6. Cook ground turkey until no longer pink
7. After draining the turkey add the veggies back in
8. Add the fresh basil and the red wine and cook 5 min--stirring occasionally

*I have also used basil from my spice cabinet when I didn't have fresh basil. I never really measured it out but rather sprinkled it on top....obviously NOT 2 tbsp like the recipe calls for the fresh basil.

Not only is this delicious but it is a healthy AND quick recipe!!

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Saturday, April 14, 2012

29 Things to do While I am 29

Earlier this week I turned 29 and let me tell you how excited I am! Some people might come to the realization that this is the last year in their 20s and start to think they are getting "old." Well I am for sure say I am NOT one of those people. I can't wait to turn 30! I have become more confident in every aspect of my life and can't wait to see what the future holds for me. So I have made a list of 29 things I want to do before I turn 29.

1. Run a 5k. 
I have never run a 5k! So I will give you the extreme short story. I deployed in 2009 and decided to train for running one and couldn't run very fast otherwise I felt dizzy, wanted to throw up or pass out. Found out when I came back I had a hole in my heart (fairly common) and had a minor heart procedure to fix it. So now that it is fixed there is NO reason I can't do one of these!

2. Go see someone in concert 
It has been a long time since I have been to a concert so I am making this a goal! So fun!

3. Get Olivia's initials tattooed on me.
I have Taylor's initials on my left wrist so I want to get Olivia's somewhere (preferably that is the not as painful as the wrist!)

4. Finish my personal training certification
I have enrolled to get my master certification in personal training, fitness nutrition and a few other things so I need to finish it!!

5. Learn how to invest
I am TERRIFIED of investing and the one reason is because I know nothing about it. But I want to learn all about it. So if anyone has an easy website to explain that would be marvelous!

6. Write a children's book
I would love to be a "published" author of a children's book but the reality is that it might not happen. So I have a backup! Write it and then make a single copy from either shutterfly or snapfish and that way I can read it to my girls!

7. Try a new style of clothing
So I pretty much have worn the same "style" of clothing all through my 20s. I am not one to follow all the fads. I recently went into a clothing store and all the style was short cropped shirts and you wear a tank top under it. To me it sounds weird but MAYBE I will give it a try...MAYBE.

8. Spur of the moment road trip
How fun does this sound!!! It doesn't have to be anything big but just go somewhere fun for the weekend!

9. Read a new book
I hardly ever have time to read so I need to force myself to make time to read. Apparently the new popular book is the Hunger Games so maybe I will try to read that.

10. Try a new food
I got this idea the other day at work when a coworker told me he had never tried cottage cheese before. Seriously!!! This will be an easy one to do!

11.  Cut my debt in half
Everyone should do this. Seriously think for a minute of all the things you spend your money on and think how much of it is really necessary. My hubby is deploying next month for 4 months so we will be making even more money so that just means even more of my debt I can pay off!

12. Visit a winery
I don't know much about wineries other than a lot of them are in California...SO I am hoping there is one NEAR Arkansas that I can visit!

13. Participate in a cancer fundraising event
This is very close to my heart. My mom has terminal breast cancer so I would very much like to do a 5k or something like that in her name.

14. Go to a sporting event
The Arkansas Travelers is the minor league baseball team here and everyone says those games are really fun so I can't wait to do this, this summer when the kiddo is out of school.

15. Learn more about photography
So I have a really nice Canon Rebel SLR camera and it can take wonderful pictures so I need to learn more about how to use the camera. I just bought a tripod last night for it so I gotta start somewhere.

16. Take Taylor to a musical
When I was younger around Taylor's age my dad used to take me to Casa Manana in Fort Worth to see musicals. It is honestly one of my favorite memories from when I was little. And since my husband has NO interest in musicals I can always pass this down to her. The Arkansas Repertory Theatre is the perfect place to take her!

17. Visit a state park
There are so many state parks in Arkansas and this is the "Natural State" so I think this one is definitely appropriate to be on the list. 

18. Volunteer more
I volunteered a lot when we lived in Utah but this past year I didn't do too much because I was pregnant with Olivia so now that she is 6 months old it is time to start this one!

19. Plant a vegetable garden
This is going to be a small one in a planter first before I try my green thumb at actually planting one in the ground.

20. Learn how to sew
I just got a sewing machine and my mother in law how is a master sewer is coming to visit so I have no excuse not to be able to do this one!

21. Eat better
The sweets are going, the boxed food is already gone! Eating better to me means eating cleaner by eating fresh organic veggies, hormone free meat and food with no preservatives. I already make Olivia's baby food so I am helping her eat good too!

22. Make a time capsule
I think this would be so fun to do with Taylor. We can put things from each one of us in a box along with some things that are popular nowadays and tape it all up and open it when she graduates from high school in 10 years.

23. Serve food at a homeless shelter
My family did this for a few years for Thanksgiving and I think it is important for Taylor to understand that some people need help and it makes her appreciate what she has.

24. Be more positive
All I read about in the news is negativity and all I hear people do is complain. And I am guilty of that too! So I am making a huge effort to be more positive because negativity never helps anything!

25. Learn how to make some kick a** salsa
Yes I think making salsa would be soooo fun! Anyone have a good recipes??

26. Start recycling
Our town has a recycling program I just have to get my butt over to the water company and pick up a bucket to put it in!

27. Learn how to work this crazy Cricut machine
This thing seems crazy! I am sure once I figure it all out it will be really easy but right now I am so lost!

28. New organizational plan for the house
I have a halfway organized house but there are still some things in I have the sticker machine and it will totally come in handy to make fun labels for things

29. Win the lottery
Hey we can all dream can't we!?!?!?!?

So there you have it...this is my "list." What are some of the things you want to accomplish?
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Monday, April 9, 2012

Cricut, and a sewing machine and a sticker machine....OH MY!

That's right ladies (and any gents who may read this too) I have gotten a cricut, a sewing machine AND a sticker machine! I am so overwhelmed but in a good way of course!! 
We got the Cricut because my husband is quite the woodworker and makes "tail flashes" for his military work as going away presents. He needed the Cricut to make the vinyl stickers for them and of course I'm not going to say no to a Cricut!!
Well then I got a sewing machine for my birthday (tomorrow I'll be 29! yay!!)! So weird how in a matter of a decade my idea of a cool birthday present changes so much!
Then finally we got the sticker machine because we originally thought the hubby could make the stickers with that but that was a no go so now I have a sticker machine to play around with too!
So many things to make and no idea where to start! So this is where you all come in! Does anyone have any ideas for things to make with any of these new gadgets of mine? Keep in mind I am a COMPLETE novice on the sewing machine and something super easy would be preferred. :) 
Also I am very NEW at this Cricut machine and honestly is seems really tricky! I got the Cricut mini because need for one of the "trickier" ones right now. So what all can I do with this machine?!?!?! 
I can't wait to have all these fun crafty things to do so let the ideas roll! 

Thanks ladies (and gents again)!
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