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Sunday, May 26, 2013

2 weeks down!

You know that song "99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall"...yea that should be my theme song on this deployment. Maybe it will make the time go by faster. 

I feel like I should give you all an insight into my "deployment." It isn't really that hard...really the hardest part is being away from the family (a no brainer) and finding things to do to fill the time. 
I am at a pretty nice base with quite a bit of amenities such as a movie theater; which by the way we get new releases just as you guys do so that makes it nice. We also have an outdoor pool, a gym, and a bunch of restaurants in case the chow hall gets to be bland. And it does fairly quickly I might add. And there is free wifi...yes I can't really complain about where I am at considering there are worse places I could be. 

One of the perks of being where I am is that we can take a cultural tour off base. I can't wait to do one but I might add that I'm a little nervous because I hear that the drivers here literally have the world's worst road rage and accidents per capita. Yikes! But it will be an adventure non the less and I can't wait to see how other people in this world live so differently than us. 

So this is a picture of my small abode here. 
So this is small abode here. 

It is my part of the room as there is also a bathroom and two other bunk beds. I am just now getting a roommate so 2 weeks without one has been pretty nice. 

So I am adjusting fairly well to the time difference and to the has only been 108 so far!! It is strange because some people think that since I am a "weather girl" that I am used to this heat...umm negative. When I left Arkansas it was only high 70s!

Well as most of you are starting to wake it is actually bedtime for me so until we write again...see you soon!
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Monday, May 13, 2013

Potted Plants Project

Potted Plants Project...can you say that three times fast?!?! The easy DIY craft is not as hard as saying that is thankfully! If you're looking for something fun and easy to do with the kids this summer this is just for you!
All you need is ceramic pots from any store that sells lawn and garden stuff, some paint, a paintbrush and some paper towels cuz it could get messy!

You can have your kiddos do any design. I had my oldest use your hand prints because her hands and feet were too big to make a butterfly. My littlest one made a butterfly using her feet and it came out so cute! 

This is a super fun AND super cheap way to have a fun crafty afternoon with the kids!!

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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Honest Company Discovery Kit

For the most part I dislike the sponsored posts that show up on your wall on Facebook. However that changed when the Honest Company post showed up. I had heard of the company and I knew it was started by Jessica Alba and that it didn't use all the chemicals that most companies use in their products. 

So I thought what the heck let's try this out. 
Best choice EVER. 

So in the Discovery Kit it contains a sample of their diapers in all their fun patterns. I mean who wouldn't doesn't like cute diapers! They also include a sample pack of their wipes. 
My favorite thing about the diapers besides being super cute is that if you order their diaper bundle every month you get all different designs AND it is shipped to your doorstep. How nice is it to not have to run to the store every week because you need diapers! This is also the only other diaper I have found that my little munchkin doesn't leak out of! Also my little one has to use sensitive wipes or she breaks out and their wipes are perfect and don't irritate her skin.

Modeling the new diapers!

They also send you a sample of their Family Essentials. It is a their laundry detergent, body wash, shampoo and conditioner, lotion, etc. I have to say that I haven't used it yet because I brought it with me  on my "trip over the pond." But I will say that I am so excited to use it and I'll be posting later on how it works!

In the words of Siskel and Ebert I give this company two thumbs up! I love baby products and it is even better that they are chemical free!
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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Socially Yours: Invitation Review

I have had the privilege of reviewing invitations for Socially Yours. Socially Yours is an online invitation site that was among the first to sell their invitations online and before that have been in the business since 1994. What makes these invitations even more personal is that a few of the original 9 designs showcased her two young sons and are still some of the best selling invitations on the site!

One of my favorite invitations on the site is Yellow and White Floral Party Invitations. I am a fan of flowers and even more so flowers that have bright colors that stand out to viewers. It is perfect because you can use it for any type of spring or summer party. Whether it is a family get together, birthday party or bridal shower it works perfectly. 

I also loved the Precious Patriotic Baby Invitation! I am a sucker for babies and putting a baby on an invitation makes it an instant favorite for me! It is perfect for any type of patriotic party like 4th of July, Memorial Day, or Veterans Day. It also is the perfect baby announcement for a military family! LOVE LOVE LOVE babies!

Are you on the hunt for a bridal shower invitation? Look no further because this next one is perfect. The Satin White Wedding Gown and Colorful Floral Bouquet Bridal Invitation is just what you are looking for. Like I said earlier I am a huge fan of colorful flowers and the bouquet in this invitation is exactly that.  I love the detail in the wedding dress and flowers and it just makes it have that classic beauty feel. 

It was so hard to choose a favorite wedding invitation but I must say that I loved the Bride and Groom First Steps Wedding Invitation from the first moment I saw it. Everyone knows how important it is to find the perfect wedding dress BUT I think that having a good pair of heels for your dress is like the icing on the cake and the beautiful red heels in this invitation do just that. This card is perfect just like how any wedding should be! This invitation can be used as a wedding invitation or you could use it as thank you cards also. 

Last but certainly not least is birthday cards! Being that my littlest just celebrated her first birthday I enjoyed all the birthday invitations. Baby Girl in Flowerpot with Orange and Yellow Flowers is just the invitation for any spring or summer birthday party. The cute innocence of this darling baby staring at the flowers could put a smile on anyone's face! 

One of my favorite things about this site is the variety of all the invitations. Whether you are having a beach wedding or a rustic country one there are invitations for it all. This company has proven its quality, creativity, and customer service for the past 18 years so why not trust your needs to them! 

And for a limited time they are offering a code for 15% off your order! Just use the code Summer VIP! 


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