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Monday, February 13, 2012

My husband and the Story of the Cheesecake Baking Fail!

A few days ago I posted a recipe to Cottage Cheese Banana Pancakes...those were a wonderful success! Well in the article that had the recipe in, it had a bunch of other recipes to use cottage cheese and a "healthy" cheesecake was in there. My hubby is a HUGE fan of cheesecake but obviously we don't eat it too much because it doesn't quite fit with our healthier eating habits AND because I have never made one (gasp! I know!). 
So he saw the recipe and decided he had to try it out. Now he has had the recipe for about a week and finally we had all the ingredients for it after I made a trip to the store last night so he was beyond excited to make it.Like seriously all I have heard all week long is about this cheesecake and how much he wants to make it. 
So after dinner he follows the directions and it goes into the oven for the 80 minutes to bake. We were watching tv and I hear the oven ding for the one minute left alarm. One minute left...I am sure he could hardly stand it!
So I see him get up to take the cheesecake out of the oven when it finally is done. And then I hear "Oh crap!" Now my first thought is that he is pulling a prank on me to get me to jump up and run into the kitchen. So I casually stroll in and I see that the cheesecake is done alright...just not how it is supposed to turn out.
So disappointed! I think he is secretly crying inside!

Feel bad for the guy!

So all last night until we went to bed all I heard about is how he really wanted some cheesecake. He has yet to wake up today but I am sure I will hear all about it today too! So sad!
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