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Friday, December 2, 2011

Santa's Magic Key

For anyone out there who doesn't have a chimney like me I am sure at some point your kid(s) have asked how Santa brings the presents on Christmas Eve. Before I have always told Taylor that he comes through the front door but never anything special about it. Well while I was perusing one of my favorite websites Pinterest (I am a confirmed addict to it!) I saw a pin about Santa's Magic Key.
Basically it is a key that Santa can use to get in the house and bring your presents. It is super easy to make also! I think the hardest part was making up the poem. Since I didn't invent the idea of the Magic Key I wanted to at least be creative and make up a different poem to put with the key than what was already out there.

So what you will need:
Skeleton Key- Michael's has them in their dollar bins
Ribbon to tie the key on
Paper to print the poem out can be any kind of paper you want
Scrapbook paper to glue the poem to
Glue and Scissors
Hole Punch

Figure out the poem you would like to use. Mine is below but there are others out there on the internet you can use. Then print it out and cut it out making a template of a design for the tag you want to use.
Mine is a fairly simple one as you can see from the picture. Make a bigger replica of the template for the scrapbook paper to use as the backing. Glue the poem to the scrapbook paper. You can use a hole punch or any punch thing that makes a decorative hole. I used one that made a snowflake shaped hole. Tie the key to the poem using the ribbon. Also you can make another bow to use for when you hang up the key to the door as well.

Feel free to use my poem if you would like:

Dear Santa,
This old key is a magical kind,
and we're leaving it for you to find
So take the key and open the lock,
but we are sleeping so please don't knock
Just leave the presents under the tree,
and have some cookies and milk from me.

(Insert family name here)

Then just let the kids hang it on the door on Christmas Eve for Santa to get in!

Happy Crafting!

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