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Saturday, December 3, 2011

'Tis the Season to be Jolly

I think of one my favorite things about Christmas is decorating. Of course it is fun to go buy new decorations every year especially the day after Christmas because you can't beat getting them 75% off! But one of my especially favorite ways to decorate is to make your own! Anyone who is a crafting addict like myself knows all about Michael's (if they had a savings card that would be even better)! There are so many different crafts you can do there to decorate your house it is unreal but I have just one quick one that I did and took maybe 5 minutes and $10 bucks.

I took a vase that I normally have wine corks in for decorations and put the corks in a plastic bag and put them away. I got some gold beading, red and gold balls and mini pinecones with hints of gold on them from Michaels. They have many different colors but those are the ones I chose.
I took the beading and made a layer around edges of the inside of the vase. Then I added some balls to the vase. I filled it up a little and then added some more beading around the edges and then more balls and so on until I made it to the top. Really simple right!!! It looks nice and is a good decoration for anywhere in the house and the best part is that it is super quick to do!

Happy Crafting!
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