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Friday, March 30, 2012

Penny Charm Bracelet

So a few days ago while browsing Pinterest I found a cute idea to make. My daughter LOVES to collect the pressed pennies that you can get at about anywhere (zoo, amusement park, museums, etc). It seemed really easy to make and actually didn't have to buy any tools to do it other than the jewelry pieces to put the pennies on.

Make sure you have bronze chain, bronze rings to put through the holes, bronze clasp so you can wear the bracelet.

1. I used a hammer and a screw and hammered the penny to make a hole. This step seemed to take the longest out of all the steps and it honestly didn't take that long!
2. Next take the bronze rings and put them through the pennies so you can hook them onto the chain. I found it easy to use two pair of pliers and pull the rings apart and then put it through the penny.

3. Now take the pennies and put them on the chain. I used a pliers to squeeze the rings closed once I put them on the chain.

4. Then put the clasps on the end of the bracelet so you can wear it!

 So easy and so CUTE!!
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  1. this is cute! I have so many of these pennies!!

  2. I LOVE this idea. We have a million pressed pennies. My kids love to make them, but then they just pile up. Thanks

  3. It is so easy to make and when my daughter wore it to her Girl Scout meeting all the girls loved it!


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