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Monday, March 12, 2012

Healthy Pin of the Day

So March is National Nutrition Month! Yep that's right if you have failed at your New Year's resolution then you can restart this month by eating healthier! Everyday we seem to be more aware of what is used to make our food and what we are putting into our bodies. If you don't know you should check it out here: Processed Food.
By eating healthier or cleaner as I like to call it you are not only helping your body digest food easier but you are also going to lose weight! You can go to the gym all you want but if your diet is poor then you will see little to no results!

So enough of my soapbox for today here is my healthy pin for today:

Looks so delicious and when I go grocery shopping tomorrow I am going to get the stuff to make this!

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  1. this looks really good.. i might have to try it one day :)

  2. follow it. Here it is made easy for you: a stale saying is a really simple subject. My XR Nutrition Clarity is my most cherished possessions.
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