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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Pinterest Pick to Try Out!

So I have seen this a few times on Pinterest ( Headband Holder) and thought how that would be such a good idea for Taylor (my oldest) since she is always forgetting where she places everything!

BUT I wasn't sure about using an oat cylinder for it. It is made of cardboard/paper and it seems like she would be able to poke a hole in it. So I thought about using a formula can. Olivia (my youngest) drinks Enfamil and I have an empty can just sitting around I was trying to think of something to use it for. Not only can it hold her hair bands and barrettes but she can also put her headbands on it and no matter how clumsy and forceful Taylor is she won't be able to poke a hold through the metal can!
So I am going to do this sometime this week and will post the results!
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