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Monday, July 2, 2012

It IS ok to be a little "Crunchy"

Crunchy?!?! Yep that's right's the new term for being hippie or au natural. Or as the urban dictionary puts it: "Used to describe persons who have adjusted or altered their lifestyle for environmental reasons." (Urban Dictionary)
With that being said let me go into a few reasons it is ok to be a little crunchy.

1. Hormone and Antibiotic Free Meat is SAFER!
About 80% of meat sold each year is injected with hormones to help the cows produce more milk and antibiotics so that cows don't become sick...sounds ok right...wrong!
Antibiotics aren't digested easily and not completely broken down in the cows system so it is passed onto us and also excreted by the cows as well and get into the water through wastewater and runoff. Also the hormones are passed onto us as well. Last time I checked I'm good and don't need any extra hormones as I'm crazy enough as it is!!

2. Being crunchy can help baby!
My 8 month old is a teething slobbering machine and is cutting her third tooth. Oragel and teething rings are no match for this girl! My cousin's little boy wears an amber necklace and I asked her what that was about. Amber is a natural analgesic and releases pain relieving and healing qualities when worn by the baby. She swears by the necklace and he has worn it since he was 4 months old and doesn't bother it at all. I figured why not give it a shot since nothing else seems to help. Well I have to say so far so good!  There are a million to chose from but this is where I got mine from: "Crunchy Amber Necklace".

3. Pesticides on Fruits and Veggies
I have known for awhile that fruits have a waxy coat on them to help keep them fresh longer but really didn't think much about it until a few years ago. While studies have shown that the pesticide residue that is left on the food has little health impact why eat it if you don't have to! Here is the list of the "dirty dozen" foods that have the most pesticide residue on them.

4. Making food for Baby
I'll be honest this one is fairly new for me. During my last pregnancy I read up a lot more on preservatives and realized how bad they can be for you and got to thinking how can I change things for this baby. Make your own baby food. First off it is so much CHEAPER! I can buy a sweet potato for 1.50 and make 6-8 servings that would cost me 3-5 bucks in baby food. Secondly homemade baby food doesn't have preservatives in it. Secondly I absolutely love this article on preservatives because it basically explains what each one is all about and the harmful effects of it. 

I could go on for more but realistically I would lose some readers attention!
While I am all about being crunchy on some levels I will still stick to shaving my pits and wearing my makeup because let's be real...I would be scary looking with hairy pits and no makeup!
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