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Saturday, July 28, 2012

The Home Depot Fail

Since Justin has been gone I have been having to play mom AND dad. What I mean by that is there are times where Justin will take Taylor and go do something fun with her. I usually get one or two weekdays off a month so I will take Olivia to daycare and Taylor and I will go do something for a bit. 
We have gone and done the girly things like getting pedicures and going for frozen yogurt or even going for a matinee at the movie theater. 

Well a few weeks ago I decided to do a "dad" thing with her and go to the Home Depot Kids Workshop. I should have realized that since I can't hang a picture on a wall that this workshop might not go as planned. First we get there and there are already a million kids so we have to squeeze in besides the lawn furniture which Olivia insisted to try to climb on. 
THEN I pulled the most "manly" move yet. I looked at the picture of what I was going to help Taylor build and think to myself "Oh this is going to be easy who needs directions." Apparently me and every other man out there that is who!!
I can't even tell you how many mistakes we made..instead the picture can speak for itself.

Fail #1
As you can see her truck doesn't have wheels...that would be because we put the base on upside down.

Fail #2
You can't see it but there are nails sitting out of the top because we used all the shorter nails for the base instead of the big ones so we attempted to use the long nails for the top...yea didn't work so well

So next weekend is the next Kid's Workshop at Home Depot and it will be a cork bulletin board. HOPEFULLY we won't screw that..fingers crossed

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