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Sunday, November 27, 2011


So this whole blog thing isn't really new to me as I have had a blog in the past (and still do...sort of). Rather this blog has a different meaning to me than my other one. I tailored my other one for my family to read about us since being in the military we don't really live near any family. I didn't have that many posts on it and I think because I talked with my family over the phone so much I felt that posting on the blog was just reiterating what I already told them. With this blog I am more for using it to talk about crafting ideas, foods I love to make (and eat!), and anything else I may think, see, read about that I find interesting to share with others as well as the ins and outs of motherhood. For anyone who knows me personally knows I am not one of few words. My job requires me to be able to articulate exactly what I am thinking and lots of the time to think and speak on my toes so blogging is a perfect outlet for outside of work to continue to perfect my craft!

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