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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Whatcha Wanna Know?

So I finally have a minute of peace in my house and I thought if I am going to do this blogging thing seriously I should write a little more.
For those who don't know me I will fill you in a little. I am first and foremost a mother of two beautiful girls; Olivia, 1 month and Taylor, 7 years. Yes that is quite a gap but let me be the first to tell you my oldest has been quite the little helper. I am married to a wonderful man for the last 7 and a half years. They complete my life and I couldn't even imagine it any other way. I know it sounds cheesy and like a line out of a movie or a book but that is the truth!
My house is never quiet I will tell you that much. Between Taylor being the chatty diva that she is and Olivia is a newborn so of course there are times when she is not wanting to sleep or just making her cooing noises it sure is a welcome in my house when I have a moment of peace. It is amazing how many things you forgot when you have your kids so far apart. I really felt like a new mom all over again when Olivia was born! It has slowly come back to me now that she is a month old but I definitely felt the first time jitters for a few weeks. 
You may be wondering why I chose the title for my blog and how it relates to my life. Obviously I have already said I am a mom but the first part relates to my job. I am currently on active duty in the Air Force and thought it was a fitting part of the title. I have been in the military now for a little over 10 years as a meteorologist. <<Insert witty comments here>> yes I know that we aren't always right with our forecasts and no we don't know the weather in some random place you ask me....sorry my magic 8 ball isn't that advanced yet. :) I love my job in the fact that there are many places that I am able to be stationed at and there are many aspects to my job that it never really is boring. My husband Justin is also in the military and so being a dual military couple leads for an interesting life. He was just recently retrained to be a mechanic on C130s and was previously an F16 mechanic. 
So I think that is all for now about myself! I am here to share my endless supply of knowledge! Happy blogging!
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