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Monday, February 24, 2014

Dear Facebook, It's Not You, It's Me...

Yes that's right I am breaking up with you. Well maybe not a complete breakup but definitely a step back. While I love all that you offer me like connecting with old high school friends or old coworkers, let's face it you can be rather addictive! Everyone knows that you don't show ALL the status' from my friends so then I go searching and before I know it I have been on your site for over an hour!
I am sorry but this has got to stop. I can't tell my kiddo that she can't be on her Ipad for hours at a time and then do the same thing on your site. So therefore I am putting a timer on our relationship much like I just did with my kid. So with all that said you and I can still be friends but I must seriously back off!

Love your faithful but not so addicted friend,


Anyone else feel this way? Unfortunately with all the technology Facebook isn't the only site that we become addicted to these days. There is Instagram, Pinterest, The Chive...I could go on.
So how do you realize when you have spent too much time on these sites? And the more important question...How do you manage your time so you can balance it all out?
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  1. Thankfully, I feel like Facebook doesn't show me anything that I'm interested in, so it's relatively easy for me to get off. I do spend a lot of time reading blogs though.

  2. I completely agree with you. Facebook has become such a time suck lately. I've stopped playing all Facebook games and am almost entirely relying on my husband to relay news to me from our friends, since he checks it more frequently than I do.

    I found your blog via a link at the Mommy Bloggers group at Circle of Moms.


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