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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Weekend Workout - Crazy Cardio!

So everyone knows why making cardio apart of your weekly workouts is good for you (heart healthy, builds endurance, speed up metabolism, etc) but I always get bored halfway through my workout so I combined a few together to always keep you on your toes.

I mixed plain ol running, high intensity interval training (HIIT) and incline walking all in one. It's super easy and because it is always changing there is no time for boredom and it is done in 35 minutes!
So here's the breakdown in minutes:
0:00-1:00- walking at 4.0
1:00-7:00- running at a steady running pace (I am slow like a turtle and run about a 6.5-6.8) but run at a 1.0 incline
7:00-9:00- walk at 4.0 
9:00-10:00- run at a 6.5
10:00-12:00- walk at 4.0
12:00-13:00: run at 7.0
13:00-15:00- walk at 4.0
15:00-16:00- run at 7.5
16:00-18:00- walk at 4.0
18:00-19:00- run at 8.0
19:00-21:00- walk at 4.0
21:00-22:00- run at 7.5
22:00-24:00- walk at 4.0
24:00-25:00- run at 7.0
25:00-27:00- walk at 4.0
27:00-28:00- run at 6.6
28:00-31:00- walk at 4.0 at a 8.0 incline
31:00-35:00- walk at 4.0 at a 15.0 incline

These are the speeds that I use when I do this workout of course you can adjust higher or lower for your workout based on what is comfortable. But I can say that you will be exhausted when you are done! 

Happy Cardio!

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