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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Magazine Review: Be Your Own You and Subscription Giveaway

A few weeks ago I was approached to do a magazine review for a magazine called Be Your Own You.  I hadn't ever heard of it but from the email it described the magazine as "the premier provider of positive self-esteem messaging for “tween” girls, with the mission to empower them to become a positive force in tomorrow’s world. We have created the perfect balance of entertainment and education; teaching self-esteem in fun, yet powerful, ways that makes a long-lasting impact on a girl’s life. We feature stories and information on current topics and challenges girls face today (such as bullying, body image, and friendships), positive self-affirming messaging, and popular teen/tween celebrities who are positive role models and making a difference in the world." Well naturally that caught my attention because I have a daughter that is almost 9 (only a few weeks!) and she is entering those "tween" years. So I thought what could be better for her than to have a magazine like this that she can read.

I read through the magazine before I gave it to Taylor to read and I love this magazine so much I don't even where to start!!
First off this magazine isn't covered with girls trying to look older with lots of makeup on and talking about nothing but boys. I love how this magazine isn't forcing the girls to act older than what they are! This magazine inspires them to reach for goals, ways you can face your fears, DIY crafts and stories from women and girls that can inspire them. 
There was a story on how to start your own business and Taylor read it and next thing you know she is coming up to me asking to use the computer so she can write things to do for her own business! Love that!
They also have an apparel store that sells shirts that say Be Your Own You. I think that slogan is so important because nowadays girls have so much peer pressure on them to be like someone else or to act older or whatever the case may be but these clothes let them know that it is OK to be you!
Right away the first thing Taylor saw was the cover model and recognized her from a Disney tv show.  Her name is Olivia Holt and the interview with her was awesome. She discusses her charity work and how important it is, and most of all she seems very down to earth. She talks about the small town that she is from and how at one point she bullied by kids for pursuing her dreams of being an actress. She gives pointers for dealing with it since unfortunately it happens more in school now. 
Dec/Jan Issue I reviewed

The Feb/Mar issue

So what is better than this awesome review? Have a giveaway for you to see yourself how awesome this magazine is!!!
That's right one lucky winner will get a free year's subscription to the magazine. I know your daughter's  will love this magazine as much as mine does!

So here are the rules for the giveaway:

1. Follow the magazine on one of their social media sites:
‘Like’ us on Facebook!
‘Follow’ us on Twitter!
(I trust you all that you will do this!)

2. Share this post on one social media site and then comment below and attach the link of where you shared it to.

So easy!!!

*** You can also get a bonus entry for any person you send to this blog and they comment that you sent them!***

So go out and share this magazine with the world.'s an awesome magazine and girls will love it!

Hurry the giveaway ends on April 1st! (It really does..not an April Fools joke!)

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