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Monday, October 8, 2012

But I Want to Craft!

So I am in a dilemma...
Well there isn't really much choice I have so I will just pout instead. We close on our home on the 1st of November (yay!) but we have to be out of the rental on the 15th. So...that leaves me two weeks in limbo where I can't really craft because we are going to be crammed with two kids and two dogs. And I know my crafting is the last thing that the hubby wants scattered everywhere!
I do have one more craft to do before we move and it is for a prop for Olivia's 1 year pictures.
This pin I found on pinterest to do looks easy enough...well unless my OCD kicks in and I don't get it just right...then it will not be so fun.

Birthday Photo Shoot Idea

So until I move this is the last craft to do :(

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