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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Are You Even Paying Attention??...

I swear I feel like a broken record sometimes..."Taylor please put your three pair of shoes away where they go." Twenty minutes later..."Taylor your shoes are still out here what did I ask you to do with them?" That is pretty much how my lift seems these days. She is 8 and for the most part is an awesome kid but I swear if she could just pay attention for longer than 5 seconds I wouldn't have to repeat myself 100 times a day.
So...this is where you all come in. What tips and tricks do you ladies have so you don't have to tell your kiddos a million times a day to do something? I am running out of ideas and I know this is one the best places to get new ideas from! There are even times where I will tell her something and she says ok and then five minutes later she hasn't done it and I ask her what I just said and I get the deer in the headlights look from her. 

Please help!!
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  1. My daughter is the same way. And they really aren't disobeying on purpose. Just distracted. For my daughter, writing things down works wonders. Instead of telling her throughout the day a bunch of single things to do, (that she won't do because she'll get distracted), I'll give her a list of things she needs to take care of within a time limit. Say, before dinner.

    1. I never even thought of that but that is perfect! I definitely thinks she feels overwhelmed when I tell her a few things to do but a list will help her remember! Thanks!!


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