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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Easy Teacher Apple Book Bag

It's getting to be that time of is almost out and summer is just around the corner. Well what a better way to thank your child's teacher for helping them learn all year than to get them a cute gift!
A bag for a teacher is a must have! They have books and papers and all sort of things to carry to and from what better gift to give them than a new bag!
Luckily when I was out shopping at Walmart the other day they had canvas bags on sale! I got one for 3 bucks! The paint cost like 3 bucks per color so it was all pretty cheap!
You can decorate the bag however you want and I decided to do apples because apples seem to be synonymous with teachers.
 I washed the bag first as most bags will say on the directions and then I tried to iron out as many wrinkles as I could.

 Then I cut an apple in half and used a paper towel to dry it out as much as I could so the paint would stay on the apple.

I then took the apple and dipped it in the paint and applied it to the bag.

I did red on one side and then green on the other and put the teacher's name in writing at the top.
The paint takes about 4 hours to dry.

These are super easy to make and teachers love them!!

 On a completely different subject these little mesh snackers are AWESOME! I don't remember these when my oldest was a baby but Olivia sure likes them!

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